San Bartolo

Parco San Bartolo Il The San Bartolo Natural Parkrepresents for Gabicce the area's "green lung", where the scenery becomes flat again after Casteldimezzo, Fiorenzuola, Colombarone with Roman sites, leading down to Pesaro and Ancona.

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The territory includes a succession of hills parallel to the coast; over time the lithological composition of these hills has created two geo-morphologically different sectors: the generally steep sector facing the sea and the more gentle rolling sector facing the hinterland.

The 200 meter high sea-cliffs of the San Bartolo Hills display a succession of sedimentary layers deposited in a span of time that goes from about 10 and 6 million years ago which, today, geologists call "Messinian", when the geography of the Italian peninsula, still in the process of formation, was very different from its current conformation.

What is most striking about the part of the park which gently slopes towards the Adriatic State Roadway which marks the boundaries, is the sense of harmony among the various parts, a sort of vital and pleasant network of cultivated land, whether vineyards, olive groves or grain, abandoned fields which gradually returned to their natural state, rows of large trees, hedges.