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Welcome to Gabicce Mare, a peaceful seaside town located at the southernmost tip of the Romagnola Riviera.

Blessed with both good fortune and lots of sun, this small strip of coastline has all of those special little things that will make your beach holiday one you will always remember.

Hotel Palazzi is in the Via Panoramica, right in the hearth of the town, and enjoys a breathtaking view of the sea.

The modern interior welcomes guests with spacious lounges where guests can sit back, relax and spend hours talking or watching cable television. You can stop by the bar any time of the day, but make sure you treat yourself to a cool drink or an exotic cocktail after spending a day soaking up the sun at the beach. If you are interested in taking a trip around the area, Hotel Palazzi is the perfect starting point.

The more culturally inclined can head out to discover the countryside just inland of Gabicce which is full of fortresses and ancient medieval towns that are steeped in history. More fun-loving guests can take a day at one of the many amusement parks in the area or take a stroll along the boutique-filled streets in the centre of nearby Gabicce or Cattolica. But both families and singles alike will enjoy one of the many shows and performances that light up the Adriatica nights throughout the summertime! Getting around in Gabicce is easy and environmentally friendly- the hotel gas several bikes which guests are invited to use for a pleasant ride around town.